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A-1 Security Locksmith Milwaukee offers a variety of products for your car, home, or business. Remote keys, Transponder keys, New Locks, Chip Keys, and Simple Keys are just a few of the many things we sell.

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Ford Remote Keys



Ford Remote Keys are used with keyless entry systems. They are electronic locks that control access to vehicles without using traditional mechanical keys. Ford Remote Keys have evolved into highly sophisticated electronic devices and are still widely used on many Ford Models.

We Are Ford Affiliates!


A-1 Security Locksmith is a Ford Affiliate. Our professionals are trained and certified to work on all ford models.

GM Transponder Keys



GM Transponder keys transmit a radio signal from a handheld device to a remote receiver. They’re designed to unlock and start GM vehicles. GM Transponder Keys are programmed to only start a specific vehicle so there’s no chance of theft.


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